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Stucco or EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) is a great product when installed correctly and can greatly reduce a home’s annual heating and cooling bill.

It does however require maintenance when problems arise such as chipping, cracking, woodpecker holes, etc. These problems often lead to greater damage caused from water penetration.



Caulk is one of the most overlooked yet ultimately most important elements of your home. Caulk seals up air leaks and is a cost-effective way to reduce cooling and heating costs of the household.

A high percentage of mold and water damage can be traced back to failed or improperly installed caulk. All caulk will eventually fail and should be inspected annually.


Foundation Finishing

Foundation finishings are a process that protects the primary foundation systems and provides a uniformed cosmetic look for your home.

This is a system that starts with installation of a fiberglass mesh, then a high-impact base coat, topped with a brush coat finish.

Pressure Washing Services are provided individually or in addition as needed with other services.

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